Why Housing and Homeownership?

Home ownership is becoming less accessible in Puerto Rico. The median household average income is $19,515 and the minimum wage is $7.25.  With these numbers, a family's mortgage payment should not be more than $377, which represents 30% of total income.

But average housing prices in Puerto Rico are $175,000 - $319,000, which would make mortgage payments $940- $1,700 -- too high a percentage of a family's income.

habitat for humanity finished light blue house

Positive Impact on an Entire Community

A decent and affordable place to live helps families helps families and communities for the long term.


  • The construction and sale of new homes generate an economic impact in the community, including the creation of new jobs.


  • New homeowners are more willing to take care of their homes.


  • Having a stable home is essential for a healthy and stable childhood.


  • Owning a home promotes better physical and mental health.

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